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Our mailboxes and signs are covered with pure, un-lacqured copper, meaning that when placed outdoors the copper will darken in color over time. The speed and degree of color change will vary with location and atmospheric quality.


To keep the mailbox a bright copper color, you will need to keep it polished. In the shop we use a product called “Never Dull” because it does not require water. "Tarnex" is available in most hardware or food stores and cleans the copper very well.


In lieu of lacquering the copper, we recommend a clear coat that is used on auto finishes. It has great UV resistance and is more resilient than the lacquer. Consult your local paint or hardware store for information on clear coat urethane. If you haven't already purchased your new mailbox, and would like it clear coated, please select the pull-down tab that adds the clear coat at time of order.



To ensure longer life of the mailbox, please be certain your mounting board does not interfere with the operation of the door. We suggest the mounting board be set back at least one inch from the door end of the mailbox. We recommend that the hinges of the mailbox be oiled at least once a month, to keep them in good working order.

Our signs are constructed with clear cedar, which will weather naturally, unless preventative measures are taken by applying a wood preservative, sealer, or paint. There are any number of ways that you can mount or hang your sign, we include brass screw eyes to enable hanging from the arm of a post. 

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